More than a click…

Who knew that deactivating Face Book would take more than a click? Not me.

Faced with a series of questions, I stared with the first. Why are you leaving Face Book? Hmmm… sort of covered by the blog I wrote yesterday, but FB wanted a singular response from a multiple choice menu. Should I say ‘other’ and explain? Should I click on safety? What about ‘I’ll be back’?

In the end, I did say that famous ‘I’ll be back’ line, and in the box provided, explained about politics and weird friend requests from male bots. Resulting in a long set of instructions from FB explaining how to stay safer on the site. I didn’t read it. Once my mind’s made up…

I have to admit, I did take a final look-around before that deactivation click. My FB timeline today is full of Happy Easter wishes, animadversions about last night’s Final Four game between KU Jayhawks and Villanova (79 to 95), the usual elephant bashings followed by comments from those bashing donkeys, kids and grandkids (all cute), and cats.

Will I miss it?

One thought on “More than a click…

  1. I, too, was disgusted by the cambridge analytica stuff and personally can’t stomach zuckerberg’s coy answers. Knowing now that he was complicit in rigging our elections and waited so long to do anything about it that half of fb users still believe the fake-bot-memes they share took me to the brink, but I still want to publicize the blog. If I didn’t use FB, I’d lose about 60 readers!!! Surely we can get out in the gardens soon…please, god…soon…

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