Times When I Thought I Needed Facebook

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I deactivated Face Book on April 1. Here it is, April 27, almost 30 days without FB, which before deactivation took at least an hour—and probably more—of my time each day. But. What have I missed?

  • Wishing happy birthday to my FB friends. One FB perk was the message it sends to remind me today’s so-and-so’s birthday. Wish them happy. I guess if I remember in time, I’ll wish folks a happy birthday here on the blog. Or send a snail mail card. If I forget, forgive me. I stopped keeping track of dates when FB started.
  • Finding out the hours of operation for some of the odder places I want to shop. Now you’d think I could ask Alexa or Siri or Google, but without FB, I couldn’t find out when Sullivan’s Greenhouse is open–only Saturdays, in April and May, 9am to 4pm. For that one I had to ask my husband to check his FB page.
  • Happenings in my groups. I especially miss all my African Violet and Daylily friends. I wish some of them had followed me here.

Will I reactivate FB for these reasons? Dunno. Maybe. But that extra hour a day is nice to have, and I surely don’t miss all the political wrangling.

In fact, I’m thinking of leaving Twitter…

Oh, and the red tulip? It comes up every year, it’s the only red tulip in the yard, and the blog gurus tell me to use photos to attract readers. Hope it works.

4 thoughts on “Times When I Thought I Needed Facebook

  1. As a redhead, I don’t like red. So I don’t plant red…I planted 2 bags of “Easter Basket” tulips that showed these pretty pastel colors on the label…they ALL turned out to be red?? And my dad sent me a white rose bush when I lived in North Carolina from Jackson Perkins. It grew like crazy and when the buds popped open they were red!! Turns out it was a “Mr. Lincoln”?? and God laughs!

    • OMG, Linda, how funny. I don’t know how this darn red tulip ended up in my pink garden. But so it is. And it never goes away, or should I say, it comes back every year. Tulips aren’t supposed to do that in Kansas. Maybe the universe is telling us we need a little red in our lives.

  2. I think you should leave Twitter — I go there only under very restricted conditions and it’s still stressful — and come back to Facebook. I’ve got my FB timeline tweaked to minimize the bad stuff.

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