Where’s the Audubon Society Book When I Need It?

IMG_6493 (2)

Is this an Oriole?

He’s been hanging around for a while–usually when I DON’T have my camera. Today, he stood on the covered grill long enough for me to snap a photo through the screen door.

Last spring, in the middle of a sleet storm, I saw this same bird and his duller-colored mate. Made me think of the Zachary Richard song Au Bord De Lac Bijou and the pair of hirondelles (swallows) that returned every year.

This colorful little guy is trying to drink from the hummingbird feeders. I hope he isn’t scaring them off.






4 thoughts on “Where’s the Audubon Society Book When I Need It?

    • Me too, although I still can’t find the reference book. Looked it up online and they look similar. Although he had more white on his wings like a Bullock’s oriole. Who knew there were different kinds of orioles?

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