Here Come the Peonies


My front garden’s looking a bit jungle-like with three giant peony plants coming into bloom, along with the irises. And the false indigo. And the clematis.

Speaking of peonies, how do you pronounce the word? When I lived in Omaha, it was pronounced pee-nee, and Omaha has Peony Park amusement park. Folks would ask, “Did you get out to Pee-Nee Park this year?” And since I originally hail from the East Coast, I thought it was spelled Pee-Nee. To go along with Ak-Sar-Ben.

Here in Kansas, especially south of Kansas City, folks are likely to say pee-oh-nees, with the accent on the second syllable. Me, I say pee-a-nee, accent on the first, and leave it at that.

However you say it, they’re gorgeous, even covered in ants.

4 thoughts on “Here Come the Peonies

  1. Pee-uh-knee from me! Gorgeous! I think they are one of the most spectacular plants! I just have no luck with them! 16years I tried them! Moved them, planted not so deep! Finally dug up 8 and have them to a friend of my mom’s! They look gorgeous in her yard! Always got nice healthy plants but tiny or no buds. Plus there is that any thing going on? I admire them all over town! Ours are about 6 weeks to bloom time!

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