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It’s been 48 days since I deactivated Face Book, so I’m a little more than halfway to my 90 day commitment.

Face Book has taken to sending me emails that say stuff like: Your friend so-and-so has updated their status. Go and see what they’re up to.

Uh-uh, guys. I know if I click and enter my password, I’m reactivated. Although, in a way I’m glad Face Book wants me back enough to chase me. I miss my online friends and family.

As for the photo, this is the first–and maybe only–Siberian iris so far this year. If it truly turns out to be the ‘only’, I’ll need to plant more.





4 thoughts on “Email from Face Book

  1. It frightens me that FB is “chasing” you!!???? I had NO IDEA they would do that!
    My Siberian’s I planted last fall are all up about 6″ ! They are so unusual! I usually get purple so hoping some of them are this beautiful white!

  2. Yes, deactivated doesn’t actually mean deleted. To delete your account, they make it more trouble than it’s worth. I got out of the habit of checking FB during my hiatus, and since I’ve returned, still don’t look at it much. It seems like it’s lost its power, and has become irrelevant. I love the Siberian iris! You are introducing me to all kinds of new things!

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