Another Storm


Another storm struck last night. An unexpected storm.

The radar showed severe weather near us–mostly to the east–but we seemed to be living in our usual good-weather bubble.

Until a dark cloud blew in. Lots of lightning very close to the house. The rain didn’t fall down, but swept sideways. The sky turned dark green, the wind roared, and we watched as best we could for the lowering clouds that presaged a potential tornado.

We had to comment to each other. Did the weather reporters know it was coming and just didn’t tell us? Was this now the age of fake weather?

Of course, we were joking. Although it’s a sobering thought to be living in the post-truth age. What horrendous storms will that cause?





2 thoughts on “Another Storm

  1. Horizontal rain is so strange!! They predicted severe storms here that never materialized so they must have the weather reports switched!

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