Sixty Days Without Face Book

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Today, May 31, started with another thunder storm. After almost an inch of much-needed rain, it’s time to get out and weed.

But first, some thoughts on the 60-day mark.

I miss my friends. After much thought, this is only reason to reactivate my Face Book account. Without it, I’m not able to keep up with the hundred or so people that live far away and have busy lives.

When I was about 12, I had a pen pal in St. Louis and another in France. Both were girls about my age. We corresponded by writing letters—snail mail—and after a couple of years, lost touch. We just got out of the habit of writing. Too bad. I enjoyed knowing them and discovering how their lives differed from mine. If we’d had Face Book back then, would we still know each other? Maybe.

Because Face Book is good for keeping up with friends and family. If only it didn’t have the ads, the political rants, the bots trying to tell us what to think, the creepy friend requests from guys I don’t know, the bullies pretending to be friends….

I need to spend the next 30 days weighing pros and cons. 




3 thoughts on “Sixty Days Without Face Book

  1. I like facebook for some of the reasons you listed. I, too, had a pen pal. She lived in New Zealand. We lost track after a few years. I think we would still be friends if there was facebook back then. I have re-connected with cousins and high school friends. Yes, I waste time on facebook but I have enjoyed some of the things I have learned. There are ways to block some of what you don’t want. It will be interesting to hear what you decide. Taking a periodic ‘facebook fast’ might be a good thing but I, for one, can’t give it up forever.

    • Yes I regularly turned off ads and political groups. Also left groups that someone—who?—thought I should join. Did some good. The worst were the creepy friend requests…

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