No Power


The power went off about 12:30p yesterday and didn’t come back on until sometime around 4p. So no writing got done and everything’s delayed two days thanks to Father’s Day prep. Look for worst and best boss characteristics on or before Wednesday.

Meanwhile, it was SO hot outside, the dogs had to come in. They’ve been sleeping in the house at night and to facilitate our rest and theirs, we bought them new beds with zip-off covers for washing. But would they get in the new beds? They would not.

But yesterday seemed to be the tipping point. Here’s Loki comfy in his new bed.


And here’s Juno, ditto. The cat in the back is Fat Boy, who thinks he’s a dog.


2 thoughts on “No Power

  1. We’ve been having a deluge and I keep thinking we will lose power but so far it’s still on. No phone, internet or TV-the joys of “bundling”!? My dogs just sleep with me…look at the beds like “if you think it’s so great, you sleep in it”.

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