Country Roads

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With the cooler weather, Jim and I have been walking a bit in the evening.  Yes, it’s a gravel road, but by the time we get out there, most everybody’s home. Less traffic means less dust.

The other evening–maybe Monday–a new sight astonished us. Speed limit signs. Someone had planted A 35 MPH sign at the corner of our gravel road–running north and south–and the chip-and-seal road– running east and west.

Well, we said to each other, people drive 50 or 60 MPH on that nice chip-and-seal. Sort of dangerous when a car is coming the other way. Can’t always see them over the hill. Although neither of us could imagine driving a mere 35.

But as we turned to head home, we noticed a speed limit sign on OUR gravel road.

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We thought about it for a bit, the question being, why 40 MPH on gravel with its potholes and skid-promoting surface, but 35 on smooth, easy to drive chip-and-seal?

The wisdom of the country commissioners? Asked tongue in cheek …

Now here’s the next question. Who will enforce these speed limits?  In almost 20 years here, I’ve never seen a police car lurking to ticket miscreants on our country roads.

Oh and that beagle in the middle of the road? Not my dog. He’s one of three following us when we go for walks.



4 thoughts on “Country Roads

  1. If that’s not your beagle, whose is it? Does he and the other two pups bother you, or just keep you company?

  2. We’re really not sure who they belong to, but we THINK it’s the folks who live on the corner. They wander all day, hunting rabbits and visiting with other dogs, other people. They’re stand-offish but like to follow us on walks. Jim can pet them. They won’t let me near.

    • Jim and I tried to figure up how much we paid in property taxes since moving here in 2000. We think more than $50,000 and for that, we get street grading three times a year. I checked, and the average price for street signs is $200-$1200 per sign. Which tells me nothing. Sigh. $50,000 would’ve bought me a really nice car.

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