Anniversary Sunday

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The photo was taken 23 years ago, the day Jim and I officially joined forces. Like it was yesterday except that cameras are much better now. And that hat. Luckily, I had those humungous glasses to keep the hat from covering my eyes. Jim looks good, though. And the handsome young man behind us is son Gordon.

5 thoughts on “Anniversary Sunday

  1. I love this on so many levels…the ancestors on the mantel…the hat perfectly matched with the mustache…the dashing military man…Classic. May you enjoy many more years of Peace Together.

  2. Jim, we go back many, many years! Although our adult Lives took us in different directions, we still came back in contact & it was if we had been next door neighbors. You & your Lovely Bride could be the Cover of any National magazine, along with the Son, a Decorated Hero. ‘Crow-Felt’ your Wife must be an amazing person to tame a ‘wild-dude’ like you! (Just joking, Jim, your authentic being makes you a Special guy) May you, your Wife & Family celebrate many, many more Anniversaries. Your ole Cell-Mate, John C. (Just joking, again)

  3. Congratulations to you both WISHING YOU many more years TOGETHER. Great picture of the three of you. ALWAYS PAT GOODEYON

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