Garden Tragedy

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We’ve had such bad luck with gardening this year. April was too cold. June was too hot. And it’s been plain too dry. We’ve gone from moderate to severe drought, although lots of folks west and north of us have had enough rain to keep going.

It was supposed to rain today. It did. At least, the south windows had a few sprinkles.

Watching our lettuces and Cole crops fail, our cucumbers flower sans fruit, our tomatoes turn black, our eggplant surrender to bugs … Need I continue?

Instead of giving everything over to weeds, we covered each garden bed with black trash bags, held down with bricks. No, we didn’t buy the bricks. We’ve been carrying these around since 2000 when we brought them with us from the Overland Park house. As you can see, they’ve come in handy.

The trash bags will keep the weeds from sprouting and, with the beds covered long enough, may even retard weed germination for the next gardening season. If the drought continues, we’ll just leave things covered.

If the drought continues … let’s hope this isn’t a sign of climate change. We could have floods as easily if the pendulum swing is wild enough. And which is worse?

5 thoughts on “Garden Tragedy

  1. That sucks. Let’s hope for more favorable conditions next year. Is drip irrigation something to consider?

  2. Sad! It’s 100° here today and warmer tomorrow and the next day. May break some records. My stuff is just stumbling along but I think the sweet peas will give it up even without being covered by black plastic.

  3. Yikes! That’s discouraging, but I notice that you, like all of us gardeners, still have a plan for next year! Hope springs eternal, but climate changes are a new wild card in the our game…

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