What Things Cost: Healthcare


Back in July, I had a sudden, severe headache and thinking I was having or about to have a stroke, I went to my local, rural emergency room. Thankfully, not a stroke, but very high blood pressure, now resolved with a combination of mainstream and alternative medical intervention.

My bill for that emergency room visit was $4300. Ouch.

But when my insurance explanation of benefits arrived, I saw that the discount to my insurance was more than 75 percent. Actual payment for the visit was less than $1,000.

So I was dismayed when I read a financial agreement at a new-to-me medical practice. I’m paraphrasing, but it basically said, if your insurance doesn’t pay within 60 days, you pay in full.

Yes, the IN FULL was the kicker. Why am I–a not-rich individual–expected to pay full-bore? Why don’t I get a discount?

Consistent with my resolution to complain when things seem wrong, I added an objection to the financial agreement and only then signed it.  Hopefully, my insurance will pay within 60 days …


5 thoughts on “What Things Cost: Healthcare

  1. That’s why in “the big city” many places have signs right outside posted, “NO medicare. NO medicaid.” And that’s because the government is such a slow payer that they end up with tens of thousands of dollars in monies owing and not enough to pay their own overhead expenses. And I think it’s only going to get worse. The rural place where I live has refused to believe that to be the case but drive in Chicago or LA or Kansas City and you will see the same signs.

    • Strange. We have Medicare and they seem able to pay within 45 days. And they get the best discounts. I object to being charged four times as much for the same service as the insurance.

  2. That’s just awful. This is why we need Medicare for All — and if doctors don’t want to participate, they can’t practice medicine. (At the same time, their malpractice insurance rates have to be lowered.)
    No one should be getting rich off healthcare.

  3. So glad you are well and your headache wasn’t what you thought it was…..stay well. Healthcare is a booming business when it should simply be a basic human right.

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