Sunny Sunday


First Sunday of fall. The sun is shining and the weather is cool. A perfect late September day.

Time to put the ‘working tools’ garden to bed for winter. Daylilies divided. Hose and gutter drains in place, mulch down.

This is part of the frog garden, thus the dancing frogs.

The hack?  A thick–more than four inches–layer of mulch under the hose cart to prevent weeds.



2 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

    • Ah, Portugal. Mulch is organic material that, applied to the ground in 2-4 inch thickness, will help prevent weeds. I use shredded cedar wood and bark, which is readily available in Kansas. But you can also use cut grass dried in the sun, dead and shredded leaves, straw, and chopped wood chips. Some folks use stones–pea gravel or river stones–but weeds just climb around those.

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