Chilly Sunday

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Another Sunday–another week gone. I was hoping to set out the tomatoes this week, but it’s been in the 30’s at night (about 0 degrees C) and way too cold for tomatoes. I have homes for ten of my forty plants, another ten ready for my garden. And what to do with the twenty remaining? Hard choices in the garden.

The photo shows the first stirrings of my white feather hosta. For several years now, I see photos in the gardening catalogs showing white hostas. Three years ago I gave in and bought one. Don’t be fooled, though. It’s only this creamy white in the early spring, and turns pale green the rest of the time.

I have another novel outline on my plate for the coming week. I’m going to try and write two novels at the same time. Wonder if anyone else has tried to do that. How did it work out?.

Enjoy the day.

4 thoughts on “Chilly Sunday

  1. Tonight’s lows of mid-30’s will give way to another 10 days of lows in upper 40’s to 50’s, so I am trying to push this cold front on out to the east and put out all my containers… I’m a little leery of putting anything in the ground. Experience has taught me that we can get frosts even in May, but we’re getting a load of fresh garden soil next Tuesday with high hopes…. I just re-read Bird by Bird, always an inspiration…Anne Lamott would say “just write”.

    • I have cole crops, beans, and lettuces in the ground and they seem good. You’re right, it could freeze in May but I hope not. I’m working more with seeds than plants this year. And Anne Lamott is totally right. But two at once? We’ll see how it goes.

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