Eggplant Worries

I’ve been waiting–and waiting and waiting–for the weather to warm up enough to put my Ophelia Eggplants in the ground. It’s been cold and wet, too chilly for Ophelia’s.

Deciding to wait till Mother’s Day to plant turned out to be easier than I thought. But today is the day after Mother’s Day, and it was in the 40’s when I got out of bed this morning. Still too cold.

Nothing for it, though. The plant roots are growing out the bottom of the pots. They’ve already been transplanted once. They are huge.

So this morning, I brought them out to the shaded, wind-protected area near my acer Bloodgood. Hopefully, they’ll harden-off without problem and I can plant them Thursday or Friday.

Any eggplant aficionados out there? Send advice.

One thought on “Eggplant Worries

  1. Just like you, I kept my patience, telling myself to wait for Mother’s Day only to find it still too cool… Today is supposed to be our last morning in the 40’s and I’m itching to plant… Today’s the Day, I’m going for it! Well except for the beans, they still have to wait… Hope you can put these lovelies in soon, too…

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