Dreary Sunday

Another cold, wet Sunday with an inch of rain over the last 24 hours, and up to five inches expected through Wednesday. The flowers are loving it, but the warm-weather veggies–not so much.

I gifted tomato plants this spring, and one recipient complained that hers weren’t growing. They will, I told her, when it warms up. But so far, warming up hasn’t happened.

My tomatoes planted in raised beds look water-logged and scraggly. I have a micro-climate near the house where I planted tomatoes in pots. They’re doing well–less water, more heat.

Even so, summer is on its way and soon I’ll have more tomatoes than I can possibly use. It’ll be time to pull out the canning supplies.

2 thoughts on “Dreary Sunday

  1. I am beating myself up for not getting green beans planted yesterday in the warm sunshine, but the local weatherman forecast scattered showers, high 81 today…it’s going to rain all day and we’ll be lucky to hit 75. . Thanks for the reminder that summer is on its way and bring tomatoes with it!

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