Cloudy Sunday

Another cloudy Sunday, but will it rain? We’ve already had more than five unnecessary inches of rain this week. The backyard is squishy and marshy and full of puddles. We can’t mow.

The flowers love it. The veg do not. I doubt I’ll get a single decent tomato this season, and pill bugs–Armadillium vulgare? I’m not a bug person, so I’m never sure of proper names–have infested my lettuce.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of an old cottonwood tree stump that Jim believes will turn back into a tree. The interesting part is the nest I found while trying to cut back the suckers. Since we have broken robins’ eggs all over the yard, I suspect baby robins lived there for a time.

Here’s to another possibly wet Sunday. Wishing each of you a good week to come.

One thought on “Cloudy Sunday

  1. Love that tree! You can’t kill a cottonwood! It’s overcast here and will most certainly rain but hopefully not until after I finish my little trip to the local cemetery to place flags on the veterans’ graves. I have pill bugs too!! I’m hoping I can mow in the front today…otherwise I’ll need farm equipment to get through the tall grass. I should have done it yesterday! (my lament every day about yard work?)

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