Asymmetrical Parterre Part 2: The Pond

Five or six years ago, I bought a solar bubbler on one of those online auction sites. It costs $2 (free shipping) and I had a vague idea of using it in a birdbath.

When the idea of a parterre came to me I knew I wanted a “water feature.” Maybe a fountain, maybe a mini-pond.

During a visit to Iris, Daylilies, Perennials, I noticed a plastic tub, dug into the ground, filled with water. That was exactly what I wanted. One plastic tub later–purchased at our local Orschlens–it was a simple matter of digging it into the ground.

Well, not so simple. The rocks that supported the 500-gallon gas tank had sunk deep into the ground, forcing a dig through rocky clay soil. But we persisted.

Jim, of course, brought out his level. Assured that the tub wouldn’t dip more on one side than the other, we filled it with water and brought out the $2 bubbler. Amazingly, it worked. Will it continue to work? Time will tell.

I bought water plants–someday I may have a red water lily–and planted a few irises around the “pond.” With as much rain as we’ve had, the site is mostly mud and the pond is overfull.

But next week: the bench, the path, and–who knows–maybe more plantings. Or some pots. Or a statue.

Suggestions welcome!

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