Cold Front Sunday

The weather prediction is for cold–in the 50’s Fahrenheit overnight–and staying on the cool side all week. But no rain.

The lilies are starting to bloom and most of the daylilies are sporting scapes. I’m waiting for the garlic plants to die back. Ditto the few potatoes that survived the cold, wet spring.

The asparagus is done and in fern–more on that in Monday’s post. I’ll be talking about the ugly side of gardening. Weeds.

Just in time to replace the asparagus, here comes a bucket load of sugar snap peas. And little green tomatoes are forming, along with little green blueberries.

All in all, a happy Sunday. Hope yours is happy too.

2 thoughts on “Cold Front Sunday

  1. Ha! Ha! Our highs have been the low 50’s and our nightly lows in the upper 30’s! It’s been quite chilly here and windy but the rain keeps going around us. I can’t believe you have lilies and potatoes already. That butter yellow is a beautiful color. I have hundreds of the standard orange and a few of the small Stella’s (which just don’t over-winter here as well as I’d hoped. None of the ‘pretty colors’ that I planted have ever shown up again the following year so will stick with the old reliable ones!

  2. Your daylilies are reverting because you have the “original”. At least, that’s what someone told me once when I said I wanted to plant what I call tiger lilies in my culvert. I didn’t think I’d have ANY daylilies this year, but sure enough, I have scapes galore. The temperatures dropping here. It’s a mild 78 on its way down to the mid 50’s.

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