The Garden and Writing Life

Here’s a photo of the sun on the cottonwoods. They’re losing leaves, especially since today dawned in the 30’s (Fahrenheit).

And here’s what I figured out about Word Press. The site stopped working on Microsoft Edge, but works well–at least for composing–in Chrome. Why that should be, I don’t know.

Maybe someone out there can tell me?

The somewhat scary thing is that I got into my admin by accessing Can anybody do that? Since I was using a previously unused browser, shouldn’t Word Press have at least demanded a password?

I’ll have to watch to make sure I don’t have any unauthorized posts on the blog.

So. Now that I’ve figured this much out, I’ll resume the regular schedule on Sunday. Or maybe this was a sign from the Universe to mix things up.

What do YOU think?

4 thoughts on “The Garden and Writing Life

  1. I’m biased against Microsoft Edge, something about the Look of it and have never used it. Chrome is a little creepy since it knows my every move and often seems to read my thoughts, but it could be why you’re getting into your admin — it is watching and knows it’s you….!!

  2. I took November off to do NaNoWriMo, and discovered that the NaNo site doesn’t work with Edge. I should say, doesn’t work well. Many features get turned off. What do you use if not Chrome?

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