Snowy Sunday

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The weather’s kept us locked-in every day last week until, finally, we got out yesterday. A quick run to the grocery stores and home.

Today, the snow is back accompanied by freezing fog. From my window, I see the green tips of what must be crocuses. With a promise of higher temps and rain next week, will the daffodils poke their heads?

Maybe we’ll venture back to the vegetable gardens and see if the garlic is stirring.

Sunny Sunday

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But very cold. Although it’s been colder.

Today, finally, the sun is shining after a week of thick, freezing fog. The dogs go to the door, thinking spring has returned. A few minutes outside, they head for the front door, barking to be let in. Only to return to the back door to go out again.

I know they think the weather’s changed in those few minutes. But no, it’s 20 degrees outside. Hard on bare paws.

Snowy Sunday

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The view out our window–about a foot of snow fell yesterday. Today, we’re worried about getting out. How long until the snowplow scrapes that foot of snow off our mile of country (gravel) road? Will our 4-wheel drive get us to the highway?

When is important. Jim has to get to the airport early Tuesday morning, 56 miles away and the only problem may be our mile.