Short Stories for Subscribers

  • In The Book of Light Prudence Parker is given the task to turn the village of Holiday away from darkest magic. The themes are human sacrifice and death—trigger warnings although I’ve used narrative distance for the more gruesome parts. 
  • A Little Treason comes with a couple of warnings. In the 1970’s, Holiday has a population of female witches, all slightly on the wrong side of right. There’s talk of human sacrifice and one especially mean girl.
  • “The Uncertainty of Knowing” seems like it starts in winter, too, a dark season full of ghosts and icy cold. But winter can’t last forever, although here too, winter runs right into a magical summer.  
  • “Blue Ribbon Rose” Brock’s got a shady past and a truckful of gardening tools. And he can handle anything that little old woman throws at him. 
  • “Solstice Sweet Sixteen” Some witches will do anything to avoid the burning stake. But when you’re just turning sixteen, what can possibly harm you?