Simplify Healthcare, End Greed


The way folks talk about healthcare seems overly complicated to me. Maybe that’s because I worked in healthcare–sort of–for more years than I like to count.

The problem with healthcare in the US is profit. Too many middlemen have their fingers in the healthcare pie. And we let them.

Say you’re sick and go see the doctor. You have insurance that you’ve paid for in premiums. Your insurance tells you to pay the doctor a bit up front. Your doctor sees you, helps you, and then …

The provider bills the insurance that covers you for the premiums you’ve paid. Your doctor needs a special ‘insurance’ clerk, able to ‘work the system’ so that your insurance pays. Seem complicated? You’re right.

Why so complex? Simple answer. Insurance isn’t there to help you or your doctor. Insurance is there to make a profit.

How much simpler would it be to have single-payer healthcare? You show up with a health problem and the provider helps you. The doctor gets paid. And no one makes a profit.

Now before you start singing hallelujahs, single payer health isn’t free health. It’s paid for in taxes. But you and your employer will no longer pay the premiums, copays or deductibles that support insurance company profits.

When no one’s making a profit, healthcare gets cheaper, and people have a better chance of getting the help they need.

Oh, the flower? An African Violet hybrid called Bob Serbin.