Snowy Sunday


Here is the view from my front window. A March snowstorm and hopefully the last gasp of winter. Right now, the snow is coming down sideways thanks to a 30 MPH wind. Whew.

I have lots to do here in the house and don’t have to be anywhere till Thursday, so it’s all okay.

Soggy Sunday

DSC_2184 (2)

Yesterday, we had mixed precipitation including rain, hail, graupel, ice, and a tiny bit of snow. Not to mention the snow already on the ground.

The cloud in the photo brought us a cold front.

This morning, we have sun but the yard is soggy with about 5 inches of standing water.  Maybe the sun and wind will dry things out, allowing us to prune trees before leaving February behind.

Five years ago, I planted 13 trees not far from the house. Nine are visible in the photo, all getting ready to leaf out. Suckers and lower branches need to be removed before spring. But first, I have to NOT sink to my ankles in the swamp that my yard’s become.


Snowy Sunday

dsc_2078 (3)blog

The view out our window–about a foot of snow fell yesterday. Today, we’re worried about getting out. How long until the snowplow scrapes that foot of snow off our mile of country (gravel) road? Will our 4-wheel drive get us to the highway?

When is important. Jim has to get to the airport early Tuesday morning, 56 miles away and the only problem may be our mile.

Windy Sunday


Maybe I should’ve called this blizzard Sunday. Snow is predicted for later today. Last night, the weather said a dusting, with 7 inches up north. This morning, the prediction was upped to 2-3 inches for us, with 14 inches farther north.

No rain or snow yet, but the wind is 20 MPH and my pin oaks are bending ominously.

Another pink sky last night–beauty before the storm.